Friday, 30 November 2012

The Very Last Writer's Confession! : )

Wow, it's November 30th already? : ) Nano writers, how are your novels doing? Are you finished already? heehee

Well, it's time for the very last writer's confession!

Drumroll, please!

I am obsessed just as much with my handwriting as my story itself.
- Kaylin S. 

I must say, the confessor of this comment has completely amazing handwriting. When she writes letters, her handwriting looks like it was typed on a computer! So, I don't think she has anything to worry about. : ) But I know the feeling! I am annoyed when my handwriting doesn't look uniform...

Thanks for all the confessions, everyone! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

-- Klara C.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Writer's Confession #2

I was visiting the blogosphere once more when I realized I'd better hurry and put up the next confession before the month of November is - gasp - OVER!!!

This one's from Madeline!

Writer's confession: I have a hard time picking out names for the ''cute'' guys, because I know if I ever become famous and have my stories leaked out, there will be somebody I know with that name; and I don't want them to think I really like them or anything. 

Haha, I know what you mean, dear. Once I gave a, um, somewhat attractive guy character a name, and then met someone with that same name! It was kind of embarrassing, even though the person didn't know about my character (and the character didn't know about the person).

Finding the perfect name for a character can be tough anyway! One way I (attention! Warning! Bonus piece of advice coming up!) try to find names for characters - especially the guys (it can be so hard to find the perfect name for them!) is to use names I'm familiar with (or names that belong to someone I know...), but change the spellings (usually to a less-used version)... Andrea to Andria, Emily to Emaleigh (or Emalee...or Emali... there are so many ways of spelling Emily :)), Henry to Henri (would that be the French version? :)), etc. Anyway, you can figure out some cool names of your own, if you feel so inclined. :)

Thanks for sharing (well, confessing! :)), Madeline! :)

Klara C.
(I give up on the signature thing...for now...).

Monday, 12 November 2012

A Writer's Confession #1

Ok, so you don't get one for every day of November because I don't have 30 to share with you. : ) Maybe next year!

Here's the first one, from Addie O.!!!

I carry on conversations with my characters. I will have serious conversations about their goals, aspirations, pet peeves, etc. I also get into arguments with them when they are being rebellious.
Thanks, Addie! I totally know what you mean... I "talk" to my characters too! 

How's life and / or NanoWrimo going, everyone>

On the other hand, as an update to this post on my other blog... I have read a book!!!

I attempted to make a signature. Thoughts?