Sunday, 1 February 2015


I was tagged by the wonderful Erin Kenobi of The Upstairs Archives!

The Authorly Bucket List Tag - list 3-7 things you are not good at, and 3-7 things you'd like to try.

Things I'm Not Very Good At
1. Guy characters who are manly. For some reason I want to make all my guy characters adorable, sensitive, cuddly, and sweet-tempered. Oh, and did I mention my guy characters are also terribly romantic? Definitely the flowers-and-homemade-cards-and-handwritten-love-letters type.

2. Culture. I take a lot of inspiration from the 1800's and medieval times for my writings, but I want to be able to create entire cultures, societies, and worlds with my words. I want my readers to feel like they are in an entirely different place that only hints of what they know... not a cardboard copy of, for example, medieval England with a magician and a couple dragons thrown in.

3. Fighting/battle scenes. I take a lot of what I know from movies, but I think I could improve. Maybe I could actually... research. DUNDUNDUN...

Things I Want To Try
1. Steampunk. I kind of adore this genre; it's my latest obsession. I'd love to write in this genre - my only fear is that its elements are too technical for me. I mean, I'd have to describe (and invent) mechanical contraptions!

2. Fanfiction. I love reading fanfic, and I feel that there is just not enough decent fanfic out there! My favorite fandoms is Once Upon A Time. I have written a fluff fanfic for Rumbelle, but I'd like to write a deeper one!

3. I'm genuinely stumped right now. Um... how about another children's book. I have quite a few ideas, but I haven't touched them in years.

I'm feeling the minimalism tonight, so I'm going to stop at 6. :)

I tag my fellow author (and fellow Kara)... at Saved By Grace and anyone else who feels inclined to "tag" along! ;)

-- Klara S.