Sunday, 1 February 2015


I was tagged by the wonderful Erin Kenobi of The Upstairs Archives!

The Authorly Bucket List Tag - list 3-7 things you are not good at, and 3-7 things you'd like to try.

Things I'm Not Very Good At
1. Guy characters who are manly. For some reason I want to make all my guy characters adorable, sensitive, cuddly, and sweet-tempered. Oh, and did I mention my guy characters are also terribly romantic? Definitely the flowers-and-homemade-cards-and-handwritten-love-letters type.

2. Culture. I take a lot of inspiration from the 1800's and medieval times for my writings, but I want to be able to create entire cultures, societies, and worlds with my words. I want my readers to feel like they are in an entirely different place that only hints of what they know... not a cardboard copy of, for example, medieval England with a magician and a couple dragons thrown in.

3. Fighting/battle scenes. I take a lot of what I know from movies, but I think I could improve. Maybe I could actually... research. DUNDUNDUN...

Things I Want To Try
1. Steampunk. I kind of adore this genre; it's my latest obsession. I'd love to write in this genre - my only fear is that its elements are too technical for me. I mean, I'd have to describe (and invent) mechanical contraptions!

2. Fanfiction. I love reading fanfic, and I feel that there is just not enough decent fanfic out there! My favorite fandoms is Once Upon A Time. I have written a fluff fanfic for Rumbelle, but I'd like to write a deeper one!

3. I'm genuinely stumped right now. Um... how about another children's book. I have quite a few ideas, but I haven't touched them in years.

I'm feeling the minimalism tonight, so I'm going to stop at 6. :)

I tag my fellow author (and fellow Kara)... at Saved By Grace and anyone else who feels inclined to "tag" along! ;)

-- Klara S.


  1. Heh, guy characters who are manly--this one sometimes gets me too. Only I tend to bounce between the sweet, gentle kind (Connor--I mentioned Connor, right?) and the cold, distant, aloof ones (Winter, definitely. Though he's mostly that way because he has abandonment issues, because while he's stuck protecting the princess, per his oath, his mentor has to range up and down the kingdom on other missions and he's unusually bright but no one else really gets that, and after the princess *SPOILER* turns evil *END SPOILER* he ends up with an almost-sociopathic tendency. So yeah. I have issues. So does Winter...) :-P
    Fanfiction! Yay! :-P Fanfic is fun. ;-P

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :p

    2. Winter is awfully interesting, all the same. I especially love his apprentice Elian. She's so sweet, and she brings out his gentler side. Though, Winter wouldn't hesitate to stab someone in the back if they were a threat to the kingdom.

  2. So is Rumbelle your OTP? I love fanfiction!!! Especially about Once! I am a Oncer myself.

    1. are a Oncer who ships Rumbelle? #dayismade Seriously, that is fantastic! (Yuppers, Rumbelle is definetely my OTP!:))

    2. GUYS! I just had a wonderful idea for a new card game! Basically, you need a set of fandom playing cards (like Star Wars, Avengers, Lord of the Rings cards). There are four actions, pass, draw, discard, or reveal (pass: everyone hands one card to the player on their right; draw, everyone draws one card; discard, everyone puts one card on the bottom of the pile; reveal, everyone says which couple they're trying to get.) At the beginning of the game, you announce which couple is your OTP for the fandom, and you can win either by getting three of any couples or your OTP. You can play with canon or non-canon ships, and you can get platonic relationships (such as Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes or Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi) as well. What do you think?
      Confession time: I ship Pepperony so hard it hurts sometimes. ;-)


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