Editing Services (NEW)

If you have...

a. written a book and are looking for an editor
b. written something and clicked on this page wondering what it was, and thought, "I would love for someone to edit my book!"
c. would like someone to edit your unfinished manuscript
d. other scenario involving a book needing editing

...I would love to help you out! I love writing and reading and a little bit of editing. :) Although I'm not a grammar expert (or even a Grammar Nazi) I will be able to give you some grammar tips / pointers, as well as my general thoughts (coming from the viewpoint of a reader / author), advice, etc. I will write notes or changes in bold on your manuscript and send it back to you over e-mail. You can heed / ignore my thoughts as you see fit! 

If you are interested in my editing services, I charge $10 for a book that is under 100 pages and $20 for a book that is 100-200 pages. You will send me the first chapter of your book, and I'll send it back with editing suggestions. You can make similar changes in Chapter 2 before sending it to me - then I'll be able to edit Chapter 2 and send it back, etc. The more changes you make, the quicker the editing will be because I won't have to make as many suggestions. :) 

If you would like me to edit your writing, or would like to inquire further, please e-mail me at karasiert[at]googlemail[dot]com. 

Please note that I will not edit any books that contain inappropriate content or profanity. 

Lastly, I would love to help you with any writing questions you might have as well. After all, I write this blog for you*!  You, my friend and fellow writer! If you have any questions / thoughts / comments / whatevers, e-mail me or comment somewhere on my blog and Lordwilling, I'll answer as best I can! :) 

Klara C. 

*and for the glory of God, of course :) 

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